Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Official Book of BS - Allergies

It's been a tough month for Brain.  He seems to be struggling with some severe allergic reactions - never a pleasant thing.  So I thought I'd give him a break and pick on one of my other children this month.

Like most teenage girls, my daughter is a master contrarian. I don't mean that she's unpleasant.  She's not like Katie Kaboom.  In fact, she is much more reasonable than most girls her age. But, sometimes she still argues points of such minutia you'd need an electron microscope to see them.

The other day, while my wife and I were out, she had a rip roaring argument with all three of my sons. It ended when my middle son told her, "You're allergic to feedback."

"No, I'm not," she replied.

Much laughter ensued.

I guess sometimes allergies don't have to make you miserable.

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